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My First Canvas Backpack December 23, 2014

floral backpack         

 I’ll never forget my first day of college probably because I had the cutest canvas backpack. Most of my friends thought taking a backpack to college was lame, but they were so wrong. I ended up finding the perfect one on my go-to shopping app Resultly here, They had a ton of different options to choose from. I had an idea of what of what style and print I wanted to start my college career.

All of it seemed to happen so fast, one minutes I was a high school senior preparing to apply for college and the next I was moving into my new home. I’ll never forget that drive to Illinois State University with my parents and all of my stuff piled so high in the trunk, I still don’t understand how my dad could see in his rearview mirror. I had such mixed emotions about it, I was excited but also so incredibly nervous at the same time. It was a three hour drive so I remember having a lot of time to think and let’s just say that’s all I did.

When I first arrived one of my roommates was already there moving in some of her things. My mom and I unpacked all of my things, and in the blink of an eye my parents were on their way home without me. My first day of class was the next day so I wanted to organize all of my folders and notebooks. I can remember one of my roommates complaining that she should have bought a backpack rather than just use a tote bag, considering the amount of books she would have to carry.

So I told her where I bought mine and she started her frantic search online. She ended up finding this super chic and trendy leopard print ( one from Nordstrom ( It was a knapsack style that opened up and could probably fit most if not all of her books in it.

First day of college finally arrived! I had my floral print backpack all ready to go. It seemed like no matter how prepared I was I still couldn’t shake that nervous, butterfly feeling. To my surprise I noticed a lot of people with backpacks. I remember seeing this girl who had the floral print one ( that I almost bought from Charlotte Russe, but I decided against it since it wasn’t big enough. I had three classes that day, I talked to couple of new people who seemed really nice and possibly future friends.

So let’s fast forward three years to present day. I’m no longer at Illinois State but the memories I made there I’ll always carry with me. Now every time I look at that floral print backpack from my freshmen I reminded of my days there. It’s kind of amazing how a single object can bring back all of these memories. In a way my canvas backpack is symbolic for that next chapter in my life.

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