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When to wear Teal December 23, 2014

Every time! Teal is a bright color that wants to stand out and proud. Not a lot of people are brave enough to wear this color because they find it hard to mix and match it with other colors.

In wanting to try out a color for the first time, I always recommend getting a pair of shoes. Why? Though you might think it’s a big investment compared to a top, the pair of shoes will always stand out when you wear it with your whites, blacks and denim. This will add more pizzazz to the outfit so it will not end up being dumped and forgotten in your closet like what we all do with our tops, right?

So, where to get your teal heels? I have checked out Amazon for their collection of these heels and I like what I am seeing. The collection that they have is either pointed patent pumps or faux suede stilettos.

However, if you are more for the open-toe sandals and are looking for a vintage find, you can check this link. There are tons of teal heel options.

Once you have found that perfect teal heels the next step is how to pair them. The common pairings would be your jeans with your neutral colored tops. Boring.

Teal being the bold color that it is can be paired with other bright colors too – like coral. Its bright orange red hue complements well with teal, which will definitely make you, stand out from the crowd.

teal heels

If that came as a shock, how about trying it out with leather? This blogger has paired her Aldo teal heel with a paisley printed top and a faux leather skirt: Since the printed top had the teal color in the mix, the whole outfit look cohesive and one.

teal heels

Though most of the teal heels we see seem to be a very formal color, you can tune it down a notch by wearing cropped pants or shorts.

Remember, you should never be afraid to experiment with your color matching however if you are unsure, you can always check out fashion websites online on what are the colors that will match. Also, I believe this is considered a rule of thumb in fashion, do not use a lot of bold or bright colors in one outfit. You can mix and match one or two but do not overdo it by adding a third bright color unless of course you intend to have the retro look just in time for Halloween?

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