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Everything Floral December 23, 2014

It seems like we will not be missing out on florals as it has now re-appeared for the entire year. The only problem is you will not be able to appreciate their smell because the flowers that I am talking about are the one’s you see in clothes and yes, bags.

These floral patterns have been out and about for sometime now. Usually, they will be out during the spring collection however I guess people need to perk themselves out or psyche themselves for what the spring season does to them. This is just me trying to make a guess so I can be right or I can be wrong.

I have been slowly seeing this pattern on women’s tops, dresses, skirts and bags. Mind you, it is not only for women now but also for men too! Before there was popular saying that real men can wear pink well I guess you can also say, real men wear floral prints.

I guess the main benefactor of this prints being available all season are the teenagers. Aside from appearing on all the grown-ups latest fashion style, these prints are also beginning to appear on the schoolgirl backpacks too.

I have to gush about this because her bags have been a favorite of mine. I love the Cath Kidston floral backpacks. I own one of her floral printed day bags and I love the backpacks that have been going around. I like that the patterns are mixed and matched but still making the florals stand out and be the main piece of her creation.

floral backpack

Another fashion find that I was able to unravel are the floral backpacks that can be seen on this shopping site, Resultly.The bags that they have can be used by schoolgirls and at the same time, young women too who are just starting out in college or their careers in the corporate world.

Not all girls like their bags to be pink so there are actually a lot of variations on how the floral pattern is being incorporated in the design.

I have found loads of floral backpacks in Ebay. They have the floral canvas backpacks and the floral print ones too.

Am I giving you a difficult time to choose? Me too! There are a lot of possible options and I am trying hard to stick to my one bag purchase! Look at this Mossimo floral backpack. The mint color as the background of the floral print is so refreshing.

floral backpack

How about you? What did you end up buying? I think I am going to resist and get two of these bags – one for me and for my younger sister. I bet she will be thrilled!

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