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Leopard Love January 19, 2015

Who has not been loving this recent trend of leopard and animal prints?! I’m not sure if the whole trend started from the Thrift Shop Song music video where Macklemore is strutting out of the thrift shop in a huge faux fur jacket or from the Runways, but it has without a doubt been a growing trend. As far as the animal print trend goes I love I cannot get enough of it! I have a white leopard scarf that I bought at Banana Republic on Black Friday, and I am on the lookout for more animal print products. My next leopard product are the leopard booties. I am obsessed with booties in general, and the leopard print adds so much to the booties. The leopard print gives so much to the shoe itself. The only problem is that in order to get a nice pair of leopard booties, you’ll have to spend a little bit of money.

I found a great affordable pair at Zara (one of my new favorite stores).

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 3.08.55 PM

I love this pair of booties. They are about $116, but not a horrible price for the quality.  These booties look great with joggers or fitted pants. You could really wear these with anything, just like any other booties. The only thing you should watch out for is any pattern clashes or too much going on with your clothes because it won’t work with the leopard shoes.

I found another great pair of leopard booties that were a bit pricier on Shopbop. These look very similar to the pair from Zara, but these have a bit of a higher platform and are priced at $295…Yes the price is expensive but mostly because they are made from real calf hide. Here’s an image of the leopard booties:



I actually prefer the Zara pair, not only for the price, but I like the boot length and side zipper.  I already have a pair of the classic booties, like the Shopbop ones. I’ve been looking for a pair of shorter booties with a smaller platform.  If you’re looking for some other leopard bootie options, check out Resultly for a nice array of options.

I definitely recommend purchasing the cheaper (faux skin booties). I don’t think its necessary to buy real animal fur/skin, especially for boots that you are not wearing daily. I am so excited for these boots to come in the mail!! I am in desperate need of a new pair of boots. One big tip I suggest for any sort of boot with a zipper is to watch out for the location. Comfort is key when purchasing any shoe. I had a horrible experience with a knee-high boot. They zipped up in the back, and as the boots started to be broken out they were cutting in the back of my heel. So, be very weary when purchasing boots with any sort of embellishment, especially with zippers.

I will release my next post reviewing the zara leopard booties!! I will also include some photos with new photos of me in the boots. I’m so excited to make some new outfits and show ya’ll my ensembles :)


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When Platform Meets Flats December 23, 2014

What happens when you combine sandals with platforms? You get Flatforms! I’m from a fairly small city in Kentucky and I recently went to California to visit one of my friends at school. She lives in L.A, which I had never been to before, so I was very excited as you can imagine. I was pumped for the sunshine, the hopeful star sightings, the juices, west hollywood, and of course the fashion. Being from Kentucky, I’m used to flannel tee’s and cowboy/girl boots, so when flatform sandals met my eyes I had no idea how to feel.

flatform sandals



I had no idea whether I loved them or hated them, I needed some time to digest this interesting new trend. I mean if it were to come from anywhere of course it would be L.A, where being different and walking that fine line of love it or leave it means you’re perfectly on point.

At first I was torn because the beauty of heels is more than adding height, it’s adding angled height. You don’t just want to be tall, you want to make those legs look long, lean, and perk that butt upwards! So I was struggling to grasp why I would simply want to be raised three inches off the ground, what was the true benefit in that?

flatform sandals


flatform sandals


Well, after seeing girl after girl walking around in them, you could say they started growing on me. After seeing such various types, styles, with heels, without, etc. I began doing a little research on these bad boys. I turned to tumblr:

Check out some of my ultimate favorites here:

Yes, I did say favorites. After toying between the idea of are they a legit fashion statement or just something I’d buy and maybe wear once, especially considering I don’t live in L.A, I decided that they are pretty awesome. Every decade relates fashion back to a previous decade and right now 90’s grunge is back. We’ve seen chokers, overalls, platforms before, and if we don’t take this opportunity to rock them again we may never be able to without utter shame again! There are always those fashion  moments when you look back and cringe, but I mean hey, if it came back in less than 25 years I’m thinking it’s gotta be a somewhat safe bet, right?

So when it comes to flatform sandals, sneakers, boots, and more, I say go for it. 2014 is the year for YOLO, and yes it’s stupid as all. I think it applies in this case. Who cares what other people may think, you’re killing it up there.

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When to wear Teal

Every time! Teal is a bright color that wants to stand out and proud. Not a lot of people are brave enough to wear this color because they find it hard to mix and match it with other colors.

In wanting to try out a color for the first time, I always recommend getting a pair of shoes. Why? Though you might think it’s a big investment compared to a top, the pair of shoes will always stand out when you wear it with your whites, blacks and denim. This will add more pizzazz to the outfit so it will not end up being dumped and forgotten in your closet like what we all do with our tops, right?

So, where to get your teal heels? I have checked out Amazon for their collection of these heels and I like what I am seeing. The collection that they have is either pointed patent pumps or faux suede stilettos.

However, if you are more for the open-toe sandals and are looking for a vintage find, you can check this link. There are tons of teal heel options.

Once you have found that perfect teal heels the next step is how to pair them. The common pairings would be your jeans with your neutral colored tops. Boring.

Teal being the bold color that it is can be paired with other bright colors too – like coral. Its bright orange red hue complements well with teal, which will definitely make you, stand out from the crowd.

teal heels

If that came as a shock, how about trying it out with leather? This blogger has paired her Aldo teal heel with a paisley printed top and a faux leather skirt: Since the printed top had the teal color in the mix, the whole outfit look cohesive and one.

teal heels

Though most of the teal heels we see seem to be a very formal color, you can tune it down a notch by wearing cropped pants or shorts.

Remember, you should never be afraid to experiment with your color matching however if you are unsure, you can always check out fashion websites online on what are the colors that will match. Also, I believe this is considered a rule of thumb in fashion, do not use a lot of bold or bright colors in one outfit. You can mix and match one or two but do not overdo it by adding a third bright color unless of course you intend to have the retro look just in time for Halloween?

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