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I’m Bringing Coral Back December 23, 2014

Just a few days ago, Pantone has released a statement that the color of the year 2015 will be Marsala. According to, this has a red-brown color that will be subtly seductive and is also going to appeal to both men and women.

To be honest, I was actually rooting for Coral to be the color of the year. From this year’s color, Radiant Orchid, which is from the violet-purple family, I think it will be great if another vibrant color will be used.

Coral is a great color for all skin tones. This color is like a combination of red and pink color according to Wikipedia. I decided to browse through websites like Resultly to have a look book of great coral pieces that can be worn.

Here is an example, Steve Madden’s coral wedges. You can wear this with jeans or cropped pants. It can be used as semi-formal or casual and what luck, I found this nice pair in Ebay.

coral wedges

A coral dress that highlights the skin tone of the person wearing it. This can be accessorized with a hat or a string of faux pearls. Coral pants that can be paired with a white or black top. I think with this color, you can pair it with the basic hues (red, white, blue and black) but not so much on the neon colors because it will clash and people will have a hard time looking at your face – a total fashion disaster but on the other hand, I think it can work as long as you have a layer that will neutralize the splash of colors (hint: black will do the trick).

I can look for all the coral colored stuff in the Internet to show you that this color should be the next color of the year.

Unfortunately, there is no point now to protest or request Pantone to consider the Coral however I hope they will consider this suggestion when they pick the color for 2016.

However, you can show your support for this color by wearing it a lot more than the Marsala or another way is to keep asking sales attendants to give you the same design but in coral color.

This might not be the right way to increase the attention for this color to be considered color of the year, maybe I can start off purchasing those cute Sam Edelman coral wedges that I saw on Resultly.

Did that just sound like an excuse for me to buy those shoes or did I make a very convincing statement?

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