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Collar Necklace. The new scarf! December 23, 2014

It’s winter and I tend to always be cold, however the more I get dressed to go out, the more I’m gravitating towards my collar necklace holder than I do my infinity scarves. Everyone loves a good, chunky knit scarf, but bless whoever thought chunky bling around the neck was a good idea because it totally is. A statement / collar necklace, whichever you want to call it, brings your outfit to life. You can have the most plain jane of tops, literally the most plain, a white V-Neck would work, throw a big necklace on and boom, in 20 seconds you just brought your boring outfit to casual chic.

collar necklace


collar necklace


Take the two tops above. Both are plain, monochromatic tops, and with a pop or color of shine the whole outfit is brought new meaning immediately. And that is exactly why I love them as much as i do… and as much as you should too! They vary in price depending on what stores you shop at, obviously, however you can find some amazing pieces, large and dainty, for under $20. I came across a lot of really great options, feel free to change your pricing constrictions, here.

It’s much easier to find the top that you want to wear then find the accessories than it is the other way around. When it comes to picking out the necklace that will work best, a lot of that is dependent upon the neckline of the top you have. A high, crew neck will look good with almost any style necklace. Another very easy style is an v-neck blouse. Take this one from Nordstrom, which I have in black btw. It’s very cute, very simple. Pair it with a nice pair of denim and some boots and you’re good to go.


Now imagine it with this laying just under it:

collar necklace

It’s a whole new look! You can make this work as your day to night. Go to work in it then get spontaneous drinks with your man, just make a quick pit stop to the mall first and bling yourself up.

The tops that you have to be careful about with these necklaces are those with lace at the top. Anything that has too much action going on at the top is elaborate enough as is, I’d go for some cute, flashy dangly earrings instead. For example this peplum with a high crew lace neckline.



So, while you may be a little more chilled than usual with your scarf wrapped up high on your neck, at least now you will look fabulous! More on the earrings later!

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Everything Floral

It seems like we will not be missing out on florals as it has now re-appeared for the entire year. The only problem is you will not be able to appreciate their smell because the flowers that I am talking about are the one’s you see in clothes and yes, bags.

These floral patterns have been out and about for sometime now. Usually, they will be out during the spring collection however I guess people need to perk themselves out or psyche themselves for what the spring season does to them. This is just me trying to make a guess so I can be right or I can be wrong.

I have been slowly seeing this pattern on women’s tops, dresses, skirts and bags. Mind you, it is not only for women now but also for men too! Before there was popular saying that real men can wear pink well I guess you can also say, real men wear floral prints.

I guess the main benefactor of this prints being available all season are the teenagers. Aside from appearing on all the grown-ups latest fashion style, these prints are also beginning to appear on the schoolgirl backpacks too.

I have to gush about this because her bags have been a favorite of mine. I love the Cath Kidston floral backpacks. I own one of her floral printed day bags and I love the backpacks that have been going around. I like that the patterns are mixed and matched but still making the florals stand out and be the main piece of her creation.

floral backpack

Another fashion find that I was able to unravel are the floral backpacks that can be seen on this shopping site, Resultly.The bags that they have can be used by schoolgirls and at the same time, young women too who are just starting out in college or their careers in the corporate world.

Not all girls like their bags to be pink so there are actually a lot of variations on how the floral pattern is being incorporated in the design.

I have found loads of floral backpacks in Ebay. They have the floral canvas backpacks and the floral print ones too.

Am I giving you a difficult time to choose? Me too! There are a lot of possible options and I am trying hard to stick to my one bag purchase! Look at this Mossimo floral backpack. The mint color as the background of the floral print is so refreshing.

floral backpack

How about you? What did you end up buying? I think I am going to resist and get two of these bags – one for me and for my younger sister. I bet she will be thrilled!

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When Platform Meets Flats

What happens when you combine sandals with platforms? You get Flatforms! I’m from a fairly small city in Kentucky and I recently went to California to visit one of my friends at school. She lives in L.A, which I had never been to before, so I was very excited as you can imagine. I was pumped for the sunshine, the hopeful star sightings, the juices, west hollywood, and of course the fashion. Being from Kentucky, I’m used to flannel tee’s and cowboy/girl boots, so when flatform sandals met my eyes I had no idea how to feel.

flatform sandals



I had no idea whether I loved them or hated them, I needed some time to digest this interesting new trend. I mean if it were to come from anywhere of course it would be L.A, where being different and walking that fine line of love it or leave it means you’re perfectly on point.

At first I was torn because the beauty of heels is more than adding height, it’s adding angled height. You don’t just want to be tall, you want to make those legs look long, lean, and perk that butt upwards! So I was struggling to grasp why I would simply want to be raised three inches off the ground, what was the true benefit in that?

flatform sandals


flatform sandals


Well, after seeing girl after girl walking around in them, you could say they started growing on me. After seeing such various types, styles, with heels, without, etc. I began doing a little research on these bad boys. I turned to tumblr:

Check out some of my ultimate favorites here:

Yes, I did say favorites. After toying between the idea of are they a legit fashion statement or just something I’d buy and maybe wear once, especially considering I don’t live in L.A, I decided that they are pretty awesome. Every decade relates fashion back to a previous decade and right now 90’s grunge is back. We’ve seen chokers, overalls, platforms before, and if we don’t take this opportunity to rock them again we may never be able to without utter shame again! There are always those fashion  moments when you look back and cringe, but I mean hey, if it came back in less than 25 years I’m thinking it’s gotta be a somewhat safe bet, right?

So when it comes to flatform sandals, sneakers, boots, and more, I say go for it. 2014 is the year for YOLO, and yes it’s stupid as all. I think it applies in this case. Who cares what other people may think, you’re killing it up there.

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When to wear Teal

Every time! Teal is a bright color that wants to stand out and proud. Not a lot of people are brave enough to wear this color because they find it hard to mix and match it with other colors.

In wanting to try out a color for the first time, I always recommend getting a pair of shoes. Why? Though you might think it’s a big investment compared to a top, the pair of shoes will always stand out when you wear it with your whites, blacks and denim. This will add more pizzazz to the outfit so it will not end up being dumped and forgotten in your closet like what we all do with our tops, right?

So, where to get your teal heels? I have checked out Amazon for their collection of these heels and I like what I am seeing. The collection that they have is either pointed patent pumps or faux suede stilettos.

However, if you are more for the open-toe sandals and are looking for a vintage find, you can check this link. There are tons of teal heel options.

Once you have found that perfect teal heels the next step is how to pair them. The common pairings would be your jeans with your neutral colored tops. Boring.

Teal being the bold color that it is can be paired with other bright colors too – like coral. Its bright orange red hue complements well with teal, which will definitely make you, stand out from the crowd.

teal heels

If that came as a shock, how about trying it out with leather? This blogger has paired her Aldo teal heel with a paisley printed top and a faux leather skirt: Since the printed top had the teal color in the mix, the whole outfit look cohesive and one.

teal heels

Though most of the teal heels we see seem to be a very formal color, you can tune it down a notch by wearing cropped pants or shorts.

Remember, you should never be afraid to experiment with your color matching however if you are unsure, you can always check out fashion websites online on what are the colors that will match. Also, I believe this is considered a rule of thumb in fashion, do not use a lot of bold or bright colors in one outfit. You can mix and match one or two but do not overdo it by adding a third bright color unless of course you intend to have the retro look just in time for Halloween?

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My First Canvas Backpack

floral backpack         

 I’ll never forget my first day of college probably because I had the cutest canvas backpack. Most of my friends thought taking a backpack to college was lame, but they were so wrong. I ended up finding the perfect one on my go-to shopping app Resultly here, They had a ton of different options to choose from. I had an idea of what of what style and print I wanted to start my college career.

All of it seemed to happen so fast, one minutes I was a high school senior preparing to apply for college and the next I was moving into my new home. I’ll never forget that drive to Illinois State University with my parents and all of my stuff piled so high in the trunk, I still don’t understand how my dad could see in his rearview mirror. I had such mixed emotions about it, I was excited but also so incredibly nervous at the same time. It was a three hour drive so I remember having a lot of time to think and let’s just say that’s all I did.

When I first arrived one of my roommates was already there moving in some of her things. My mom and I unpacked all of my things, and in the blink of an eye my parents were on their way home without me. My first day of class was the next day so I wanted to organize all of my folders and notebooks. I can remember one of my roommates complaining that she should have bought a backpack rather than just use a tote bag, considering the amount of books she would have to carry.

So I told her where I bought mine and she started her frantic search online. She ended up finding this super chic and trendy leopard print ( one from Nordstrom ( It was a knapsack style that opened up and could probably fit most if not all of her books in it.

First day of college finally arrived! I had my floral print backpack all ready to go. It seemed like no matter how prepared I was I still couldn’t shake that nervous, butterfly feeling. To my surprise I noticed a lot of people with backpacks. I remember seeing this girl who had the floral print one ( that I almost bought from Charlotte Russe, but I decided against it since it wasn’t big enough. I had three classes that day, I talked to couple of new people who seemed really nice and possibly future friends.

So let’s fast forward three years to present day. I’m no longer at Illinois State but the memories I made there I’ll always carry with me. Now every time I look at that floral print backpack from my freshmen I reminded of my days there. It’s kind of amazing how a single object can bring back all of these memories. In a way my canvas backpack is symbolic for that next chapter in my life.

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I’m Bringing Coral Back

Just a few days ago, Pantone has released a statement that the color of the year 2015 will be Marsala. According to, this has a red-brown color that will be subtly seductive and is also going to appeal to both men and women.

To be honest, I was actually rooting for Coral to be the color of the year. From this year’s color, Radiant Orchid, which is from the violet-purple family, I think it will be great if another vibrant color will be used.

Coral is a great color for all skin tones. This color is like a combination of red and pink color according to Wikipedia. I decided to browse through websites like Resultly to have a look book of great coral pieces that can be worn.

Here is an example, Steve Madden’s coral wedges. You can wear this with jeans or cropped pants. It can be used as semi-formal or casual and what luck, I found this nice pair in Ebay.

coral wedges

A coral dress that highlights the skin tone of the person wearing it. This can be accessorized with a hat or a string of faux pearls. Coral pants that can be paired with a white or black top. I think with this color, you can pair it with the basic hues (red, white, blue and black) but not so much on the neon colors because it will clash and people will have a hard time looking at your face – a total fashion disaster but on the other hand, I think it can work as long as you have a layer that will neutralize the splash of colors (hint: black will do the trick).

I can look for all the coral colored stuff in the Internet to show you that this color should be the next color of the year.

Unfortunately, there is no point now to protest or request Pantone to consider the Coral however I hope they will consider this suggestion when they pick the color for 2016.

However, you can show your support for this color by wearing it a lot more than the Marsala or another way is to keep asking sales attendants to give you the same design but in coral color.

This might not be the right way to increase the attention for this color to be considered color of the year, maybe I can start off purchasing those cute Sam Edelman coral wedges that I saw on Resultly.

Did that just sound like an excuse for me to buy those shoes or did I make a very convincing statement?

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